Serial quality. Hekatron Manufacturing.

Hekatron Manufacturing covers the entire range of EMS services. Nothing more, nothing less. We know our strengths and focus on them: the individual assembly and installation of electronic products in industrial electronics and the automotive sector.

Our company was founded in 1963 as Hekatron GmbH, which later evolved into Hekatron Technik GmbH and Hekatron Vertriebs GmbH, an affiliated company. Hekatron Technik GmbH, which is also known as Hekatron Manufacturing, is now a subsidiary of the prestigious Swiss Securitas Group, a family-run company with 12,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of around CHF 1.2 billion.

We started more than 50 years ago by making fire alarm technology for our affiliates. Today we manufacture a wide range of products for various industries with experience, expertise and plenty of engagement. Famous companies from all over the world count on us for this. And we still look forward to each new challenge.

Hekatron Manufacturing at a glance

  • Founded in 1963 as Hekatron GmbH
  • Company headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Sulzburg near Freiburg/Basel
  • Subsidiary of Securitas AG, Switzerland
  • 385 staff
  • 38 apprentices & students
  • €85 million turnover (as of 2015)
  • 6,000 m2 production area




The secret to our success: the people at Hekatron.

Around 385 people work at our company. And they all love what they do. They give 100% for you every day. You can completely rely on them. Always.

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More than 50 years of dedication, quality and success.

Like many companies, we also started small. Hekatrons's beginning was not a garage but an old schoolhouse in Sulzburg. 

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The highest quality with exemplary environmental protection. In black and white.

We effectively inherited our quality standards from our parent company, the Swiss Securitas Group, which prides itself on safety in all areas, including quality issues and the environment. As we have many years of experience in manufacturing security and fire alarm systems, we are used to flawless work – we apply these standards to each of our customers during every phase of our collaboration. When you know that the quality of your work can be a matter of life and death, you take it seriously.

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Good ideas are worthwhile. Not just for the recognition.

Awards are not a reason for us to boast but for us to be proud. They are ultimately an expression of the appreciation for and recognition of our work. And they tell us that we are headed in the right direction. We would like to thank every employee who has played a part in this!

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We believe social commitment starts in our local area.

Hekatron Manufacturing is a social, family-oriented company. What could be more appropriate than lending our support to appropriate organisations in our region.

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Associations and memberships. Because we achieve more when we work together.

We are involved in the following associations in order to maintain regular contact and exchange information and ideas with our partners.

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Working for Hekatron

Join us. As a beginner, an experienced pro or in a lateral career move.

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