Our trusted supply partners.

We have spent the past few decades building up a reliable global supplier network. We have developed excellent long-term relationships with all of our supply partners.

On request, we can also certify and audit selected suppliers to ensure the best possible quality standards. And of course we also work with the suppliers of your choice.

We want to invite you as a supplier, to work with us in an open, fair and trustful partnership, to move projects and customer needs together forward.

Hekatron Manufacturing want to work with suppliers that consistently get it right: Getting the right product to the right place in the right quantity and with the right quality and at the right total cost.

If you are interested to work on a common future, you have to fulfil some requirements:

  • We require suppliers be registered with an internationally recognized quality management system, including but not limited to:
    • ISO9001
    • IATF16949 (only for automotive customers)
    • ISO140001 (is highly appreciated)
  • Supplier site Assessments
    • Assessments are conducted at supplier site locations to confirm they meet our requirements. Any corrective actions identified as a result of the assessment must be addressed within an defined period.
  • APQP
    • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a structured method of defining and establishing the steps necessary to assure that a product meets expectations, and that the Supplier’s manufacturing processes have the capability to consistently meet these requirements.
  • Supplier Change Request (SCR)  and Product Change Notifications (PCN)
    • We require our suppliers to provide advance notification of planned changes so that we can collaborate with you to mitigate any unintended consequences to our internal operations or our end customers. Examples of changes include Relocation of manufacturing operations, Change in sub-tier supplier, Product and process changes internally or at sub-tier supplier with impact on fit, form or function and so on.
    • SCR and PCNs have to be submitted to pcn(at)
  • Nonconformity management and continuous improvement systems
    • 8D procedures used for solving exact problems
    • 5- Why methods
  • Driving business excellence
    • We require our suppliers to initiate and implement cost-reduction and improvement suggestions. We want to collaborate with you to reduce waste and improve quality.
  • Code of conduct (COC)
    • We need a signed Hekatron Manufacturing COC or an equivalent of your company

If your company is able to fulfil our requirements, please send the following documents via E-Mail to supplier(at)

  • Supplier Self-Assessment
  • Signed Code of conduct (COC) or equivalent
  • Certificates
  • Company Presentation


Important documents