Privacy Statement

Last updated: May 23rd, 2018

Personal data is any information relating to you as an individual (or more general, to an identified an identifiable natural person). We describe which personal data we collect on our websites and how we process and use them. We further inform you about your rights.

We only collect, process or use personal data if you ask us to, or if we are legally bound to. The security of your IT systems is state of the art. We have set up policies for data protection, to bind employees and service providers to these policies and to monitor adherence.

This privacy statement covers the following websites:, und Please find the latest version of this privacy statement on, und

MyFonts Counter

Our website presence also makes use of external fonts provided by the company MyFonts Inc., 600 Unicorn Park Drive, Woburn, MA 01801, USA. The fonts are integrated via a server call made to MyFonts. Provision of the font files to your browser during the server call requires at least your IP address to be transmitted to a MyFonts server. More information on data protection at MyFonts can be found on the following link:

Web server log files

The content of our websites is maintained using a Content Management System (CMS). Our digital agency 21TORR GmbH is responsible for major content changes and the CMS itself. The CMS builds upon a web server, which is maintained by our web service provider Leitwerk.

If you retrieve content from any of our websites, your browser sends requests to our web server. Each request includes technical data. While CMS logging is disabled, the web server logs:

  • the name of the retrieved page and its resources (URI)
  • the timestamps of these requests
  • the IP address your browser uses on the internet
  • the name and version of your browser

We only use this log to ensure stability, to find errors and to thwart misuse. Our web service provider can access the log files but has no task to do so without reason. Log entries older that 8 weeks are deleted automatically.


We employ the following services of the provider Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; "Google"):

We employ Google Analytics (GA) using Cookies and JavaScript. When calling our website your browser transmits usage data to a Google server in the USA. We have set GA so that Google stores your IP address only briefly.

We have instructed Google to evaluate the usage of our website; however, we assure you that your IP address is not amalgamated with other Google data. We use these evaluations to optimise the website and as a basis for the display of advertisements.

This website uses Google Tag Manager. This service enables the interface managing of website tags. The Google Tool Manager merely implements tags. This means that no cookies are used and no personally related details are recorded. The Google Tag Manager triggers other tags that, in turn, may record data. Nevertheless, the Google Tag Manager has no access to this data. If it is deactivated at the domain or cookie level, this deactivation applies for all tracking tags insofar as these are implemented via Google Tag Manager.

Google Analytics (web analysis service) and Google DoubleClick cookies are used to evaluate the usage of this website. Reports are sent about your website activities, which are collated and enable us to match our internet presence to your specific requirements.

The data recorded are only evaluated for statistical purposes and anonymised. Google Analytics does this by shortening the IP address. Google will never connect your shortened IP address with other Google data. DoubleClick cookies contain no personally related information. The cookie occasionally contains an additional, anonymised identifier to identify an advertising campaign with which a user has previously come into contact. It is impossible to attribute the web behaviour to any specific individual.

On the website, Google Audiences, a web analysis server, provided by Google Inc collects and stores data which is used by means of pseudonyms to produce usage profiles. To do this a cookie is set on your computer which analyses user behaviour when visiting the website. The setting of a cookie does not store and process any personally related data. 

You can prevent the recording and processing of data either by blocking cookies and/or JavaScript or browser plugins provided with the aid of Google:

Cookies and other technologies, no profiling

The web site may be used without cookies. For the wish list we use session cookies so that no data is saved on your device. If you close your browser, wish list items are discarded.

We do not use cookies for other purposes on our websites. We do not use browser fingerprinting, targeting, retargeting or HTML5 Local Storage. We do not link any aforementioned usage data to any personal data, e.g. data you provide in forms.

What we do with your data

You may use our website anonymously. However, we provide a couple of forms to get in touch, e.g. a newsletter registration, an application and a general contact form.

How Hekatron processes and uses data you provided us with in these forms, and whether your contact details are added to our database, depends on your request. If you request a quote we will add your company as a suitor. If you only requested our catalogue we only archive the message that our form sends to us.

We may need to store documents for legal and compliance purposes (compulsory period of record-keeping) and hand them to officials upon a legally binding request.

Know your rights

You have a right to free-of-charge information about your personal data, where we got it from, whether we handed it to anyone and why. You are entitled to correction, blocking or deletion of such data.

If you allowed us to use your data, you may withdraw your consent any time. If you do, we block your personal data. We then delete all data that we are not legally bound to keep and make sure the remainder is only used for these purposes.

We are happy to provide you with any information about your data but we will only reply by mail. To protect you from others requesting your data illegitimately, we need proof of your identity. Our data protection officer will be happy to explain what proofs we accept.

If your data is inaccurate, we would like to correc it. Please tell us using the contact form. We shall confirm the change promptly.

Data protection officer

Since 2007 Hekatron employs an external data protection officer. Today, this is Olav Seyfarth. Please address him directly with any concern on privacy and IT security:


Data protection officer
Hekatron Technik GmbH
Brühlmatten 3a - 9
79295 Sulzburg


+49 7634 500 344


You may send encrypted e-mail using this PGP-key.