Whether for industry, automotive or engineering, as an EMS service provider we produce extremely high-quality electronic components for you and act as your professional partner throughout the entire process with help, advice and engineering support to meet every customer requirement.

We start by taking a look at your CAD data, then we construct the prototype and finish by creating test concepts. We offer a complete range of services from SMD and THT assembly to testing and installation. We also have other additional on-demand services, including PCB cleaning, selective coating or PCB repair for products that we have manufactured.

Our range of services is comprehensive. Besides the actual production process, we are involved in all steps: order processing, distribution, materials management, project management and after-sales service. We are your one-stop shop for EMS with personalised dedicated consultation.


Make optimisations at an early stage. Reap the rewards afterwards.

Our engineering department is happy to support you when you prepare your product for production – and the sooner the better. Because when you review and optimise early, you ensure the quality of the product and the production process, which helps you save time and money.

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Experience dating back to 1963. Production facilities set up in 2017.

At Hekatron you benefit from an extensive production portfolio in PCB assembly, including SMD, THT, THR or mixed assembly. We use all conventional soldering methods, including reflow (convection or vapour phase), wave, selective, laser and automatic soldering. We are also happy to clean and coat your high-end products.

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Montage EMS Dienstleistung


We finish everything for you. Or semi-finish it – just the way you like it.

Our assembly department will supply your products to the level you need, be it assembled PCBs, partially assembled modules with additional components and cables or a finished product with an operating manual and packaging.

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You delegate. We programme.

Most modern assemblies are fitted with microcontrollers and are equipped with memories. We can programme them reliably and safely in line with your specifications.

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Testen und Prüfen EMS


Play it safe. With Hekatron.

Your products’ quality and reliable functionality are not just important, they are essential. So we offer a broad spectrum of tests and inspections and let you decide which ones are most important to your products. As each product differs, we also develop individual concepts and test equipment for you. And thus guarantee maximum manufacturing quality.

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We are even prepared for the most improbable situations.

No matter whether a device becomes defective within the warranty period or after many years of daily operation, we will be by your side throughout the entire product life cycle and will find the appropriate solution for you in every situation. You decide whether the product should be repaired or replaced or whether we should keep the components in stock. We ensure that we always handle the process in a professional manner.

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Materialmanagement EMS Dienstleistung


We supply virtually everything you need. Including flexibility.

Our purchasing department sources all components required to manufacture your products. We can do this as we have access to national and international supplier networks that we have been working with for many years.

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Reliability is the be-all and end-all of a good partnership.

What use is the best product if it is not supplied just-in-time? At Hekatron Manufacturing, you can rely on having the right products with the right quality, for the right price, at the right time, in the right place. We cover the entire global logistics chain and are happy to develop customer-specific supply chain concepts. By the time you receive the supplied goods, you will see that you did everything right.

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Logistik EMS Dienstleistung
Vertrieb EMS Dienstleistung


Quality, time, price. We create the perfect mix for you.

At Hekatron, you decide what is most important. Is the focus on quality and costs? Are the deadline and quality crucial? Or do you need low-cost solutions ASAP?

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