Maximum precision and reliability. 100% automated.

In surface mount technology (SMT) assembly, our pick-and-place machines connect the surface mount devices (SMDs) to the PCB. The module is then heated and thus soldered in one of our reflow (convection or vapour-phase) soldering ovens.

We can also manufacture parts for you on pure SMT circuit boards or even together with wired through-hole technology (THT) components.

SMT assembly at Hekatron

  • Fully automatic solder paste printing
  • Adhesive and solder paste dispensing
  • Single/double-sided SMD assembly on 5 SMD lines (SIPLACE SX-/X-Series)
  • SMD and THR assembly
  • Reflow convection soldering using nitrogen or vapour-phase soldering
  • In-line automated optical inspection (AOI)