We track down each individual fault.

For the in-circuit test, we produce an ICT test adapter that is individually tailored to the module in question. As it is slightly more expensive to create this type of module-specific adapter, the ICT procedure is usually worthwhile for modules produced in large quantities.

For lower quantities, we also offer an ICT with a flying probe.

The assembled PCB is laid on the adapter for the in-circuit test. The test is conducted using small, spring-loaded needles that test the electronics in the circuits at defined points and pins in the module.

This enables us to reliably detect faults in components, e.g. short circuiting, breaks, soldering errors and defective components. These can all be safely eliminated afterwards on request.gen, Lötfehler und fehlerhafte Bauteile. Diese werden in der Nacharbeit auf Wunsch sicher behoben.