High-quality manual assembly. Right down to the finest detail.

Through-hole technology (THT) is generally used for PCB connectors, edge connectors and cables and sometimes needs to be assembled manually. Wired components are inserted into through holes in the PCB and soldered underneath using our wave soldering machine. We rely on our selective soldering machine or on manual soldering for double-sided assembly and other difficult-to-access soldering joints.

Although the elaborate manual THT process is in decline, it is still vital for some parts. We are happy to offer you advice on the safest and most economical solution.

THT assembly at Hekatron

  • Single/double-sided THT assembly
  • Press-fit technology for multi-pin components
  • Wave soldering
  • Selective soldering
  • Manual soldering
  • One piece flow (a combination of THT assembly and a range of test procedures)