Way to Distribution Centre Neuenburg

Your Way to Us

By car:

By car you reach us via the A5, exit: Neuenburg am Rhein.
Drive to the idustrial area: Neuenburg am Rhein.
You reach the „Verner-Panthon-Straße 2“ vie „Otto-Lilienthal-Straße“ (K&U Bakery).

Coordinates for your GPS:

Latitude: 7°32'55.7_E
Longitude: 47°48'03.6_N

By plane: 

The nearest airport is the Euroairport Basel (40 km) which you should leave via the French side. Alternatively, fly to Zurich Airport (122 km).

By train: 

If arriving by train, please get off Müllheim train station (6 km). From this train station you can best reach us by taxi.